How To Build Muscle While Traveling

27 February 2017
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When on the road, it can be very challenging to stay in shape. There are some hotels that will provide you with access to a gym, but this is not always the case. In most cases, carrying your weights around with you is simply impractical. To build up your muscles, you will need an alternative plan.

No Weights, No Problem

There are many home workouts you can do. However, it is difficult to perform workouts that will force your muscles to change without weights. You must perform your workouts in quick progression and with an explosiveness that forces your muscles to change.


You can perform squats even if you do not have weights. The effects of the squat won't be as effective with your quadriceps being the strongest muscles in your body. However, if you perform the squats with an explosiveness, you can still strengthen your legs.


Pushups are a classic workout for building upper body strength. After a while, the regular pushups will become too easy and you will find yourself performing over a hundred pushups. To make the workout more challenging, try pushing yourself up into the air and clapping your hands before landing. This will help increase your reflexes. Another option is to spread your arms farther apart or closer together to target different muscles and to make the workout harder. Also, placing your hands father forward or farther back will also make the pushups more challenging.

Other workouts that you should include are:

  • Crunches
  • Lunges
  • Leg raises
  • Planks

Lift Your Travel Bag

There may be items in your travel bag that are heavy enough that they can be used as a substitute for weights. This is not ideal because you will have a harder time tracking how heavy these items are, but it is better than nothing. You can also head to a grocery store and purchase jugs of water. These can be used as substitutes for dumbbells. While you may not put on as much muscle as with conventional weights, you can slow down the decline of your muscles.

If you are looking into a gym membership, make sure to choose a company that allows you to visit any of their gyms and utilize personal training across the country. This will allow you to workout no matter where you go. This is not a guarantee that you will find your gym everywhere, but you will find more opportunities to work out and use weights than without a gym membership.