Preventing and Fixing Denture Issues When Camping

26 September 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Wearing dentures doesn't mean you can't enjoy a night or two of camping out underneath the stars. The trick is to be prepared to deal with any issues that may come up while you are away so that you can avoid damage to your dentures. It's also important to be prepared in case minor damage does happen so you can perform a temporary fix that will last until you get back home. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Plan your meals carefully

It's generally a good idea to avoid hard or sticky foods with dentures, but this is especially true if you will be away from civilization for a few days. Plan your campfire meals around soft, easy to chew foods. If you will be combining fishing or hunting with your trip, make sure to mindfully remove all bones from your portion and shred the meat before chewing it to minimize the chances of denture damage. Soft foods are your best option if you want to avoid any chance of damage.

Tip #2: Bring some dental wax

The most common type of breakage is a cracked crown or a crown becoming completely dislodged. This can make your dentures very uncomfortable to wear, since the broken part will rub on your cheek and lip. Packing a small amount of dental wax in your first-aid kit can help you avoid this discomfort. Simply work a small ball of the wax until it is soft and then smooth it over the broken bit so it's no longer sharp. Save any broken pieces of the denture so that you can present them to your dentist later. Having the missing pieces makes the repair easier.

Tip #3: Pack a repair kit

A major break is even more stressful. This is when the dentures actually crack and become unwearable. Fortunately, there are denture-repair kits that are meant for temporary fixes. These come with a small file to remove rough areas along with a temporary glue. You must file away the roughness and then follow the instructions for gluing the dentures back together. Don't use just any glue—make sure you use denture glue. This glue is specifically formulated so that your dentist can easily remove it to perform a more permanent repair later. Once again, save any pieces that break off completely, since your dentist may need them for the repair.

For more help and advice, contact a dentist in your area, such as one at City Denture Clinic.